2025 Cadillac Optiq Is a Pricey Entry-Level Luxury EV


General Motors just dropped the deets on its entry-level luxury crossover, the 2025 Cadillac Optiq. Sitting below the Lyriq in Cadillac's EV portfolio, the Optiq is the entry point for younger buyers who want some luxury to go with their planet-saving corporate parking lot statement. And while the Optiq is the right size for many young Cadillac buyers, they're going to pay for that luxury.

When the Cadillac Optiq goes on sale—no official date has been set—it will carry a starting sticker price of $55,395. That's only $3,195 cheaper than the bigger Cadillac Lyriq, which starts at $58,590. However, the Optiq comes with a dual-motor, all-wheel drive powertrain standard, a similar range, and much of the Lyriq's tech and interior design.

Providing the electric juice is an 85 kWh Ultium battery pack, the same one you'll find in the Chevy Equinox EV. With that battery, and a dual-motor powertrain, the Optiq gets a Cadillac-estimated 300 miles of range. According to Cadillac, the Optiq can recharge 79 of those miles in just 10 minutes, on a compatible DC fast charger. Caddy didn't reveal its charging speed but, if it's the same as the Equinox EV, it will likely charge at a maximum 150 kW. Those two motors pump out 300 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque.


If you've seen Cadillac's other electric cars, you won't be surprised by the Optiq's looks. It looks like a stubbier Lyriq, one that's been squished front-to-back. The interior is almost identical to the Lyriq's, too, but that isn't such a bad thing, as it will make the Optiq feel more upscale. Cadillac also claims best-in-segment cargo space and second-row passenger space. More importantly, though, is that Super Cruise is standard on the Optiq for three years.

The Optiq is Cadillac's entry-level EV but its price doesn't feel very "entry-level" to me. At more than $55,000, you can get a Lyriq for barely any additional cash. But, the Optiq comes with more standard equipment, such as the dual-motor powertrain and Super Cruise.

Production of the Optiq begins this fall and soon Cadillac will fill out its lineup with it, the Lyriq, and the Escalade IQ.

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