22 Vintage Supercars Uncovered in Secret Brussels Warehouse

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It's not an everyday find.

In the heart of Brussels, a hidden gem of automotive history lay dormant for a decade. A collection of 22 luxury supercars, including 16 Ferraris and 6 Porsches, was discovered in a secret warehouse, shrouded under tarps and basking in anonymity. Xavier Molenaar, a Belgian classic car dealer, had the fortune of receiving a call that many in his field can only dream of. The anonymous owner of this remarkable collection decided it was time to part with these treasured vehicles.

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Each car in this collection is a testament to the legacy of luxury and performance. The crown jewel among them is a two-tone yellow-and-black Ferrari 365 GT4 BB. Esteemed for its rarity and pristine condition, this classic Ferrari is estimated to fetch a staggering $705,000. However, the collection's allure doesn't stop there.


Another standout is the 1989 Ferrari Testarossa, draped in an unusual but striking Blue Sera paint, complemented by a tan-and-blue interior. It's not just the aesthetics that make these cars special; their histories are equally captivating. Among the Porsches is a 911 with a notorious past, having been used in a bank robbery in Italy - a backstory that adds a layer of intrigue to its already appealing narrative.

The collection is a panoramic view of automotive excellence, spanning various models and generations. It includes a Ferrari 550 Maranello, 575M, and the polarizing F512 M, along with a range of 911s, each in remarkable condition.

For Molenaar and classic car enthusiasts, this discovery is more than just a business opportunity; it's a journey through time, celebrating the artistry and engineering of bygone eras. As these vehicles prepare to find new homes, they carry with them stories of mystery, grandeur, and a timeless appeal that transcends the automotive world. This sale is not just an auction; it's an event that marks the revival of hidden treasures, each with a story waiting to be continued by its new owner.

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