6X6 TRX Deemed ‘The Warlord’ By Apocalypse Sells For Big Bucks

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This truck is possibly one of the most in-depth builds in custom truck history, and it's fantastic!

It's safe to say that whether you're a fan of Dodge, Chevy, or Ford, we can all agree on one excellent performance truck, the Ram TRX. This ridiculous American utility vehicle design masterpiece showed everyone what a real truck is with a massive 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that boasted 707 horsepower. Along with the substantial power gains, Ram owners everywhere were excited to show the Raptor boys what the Dodge brand is capable of. This even goes as far as to have an emblem of a T-Rex eating a Velociraptor under the hood of the massive Rams. However, if you think that you've brought the craziest Truck on the market with the TRX, then you may have to think again.


This particular TRX was built by the famous Apocalypse Manufacturing automotive company, specializing in builds that are sure to make any zombie apocalypse or survival situation fun. With a total of six wheels, this Truck can put power to the ground in nearly any situation as there is no shortage of contact with the road. Under the hood still sits the incredible Hellcat V8. However, a few modifications were made to give the TRX an extra dose of the classic Dodge "never-lift" attitude. These upgrades add up to 797 horsepower, which true Mopar enthusiasts will understand is the same as a brand new Hellcat Redeye.

If you're looking into purchasing this Truck, you might be in for a bit of heartbreak as the Truck was recently sold at Barrett-Jackson for an insane $275,000. While this may seem like a considerable number for most, it looks surprisingly cheap compared to other builds of the caliber, especially when you consider the cost of the Truck alone was $69,995. Overall, this Truck boasts some of the most incredible attention to detail and design work that we have ever seen from the custom muscle car and truck industry. This makes it one of the builds that will be remembered for centuries to come as possibly the most excellent Truck ever to hit American asphalt.

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