Abandoned 1973 Plymouth Satellite Discovered in Woodland Car Graveyard

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Rustic 1973 Plymouth Satellite and other classic cars discovered in woodland, embodying Mopar's legacy and potential for restoration.

In a surprising find reminiscent of a scene from an automotive enthusiast's dream, a 1973 Plymouth Satellite has been discovered in a rustic, wooded area, part of what appears to be a forgotten car graveyard. This discovery highlights the enduring legacy of Mopar, the famed manufacturer known for its high-powered muscle cars, and showcases Plymouth, one of its more enigmatic but respected brands.

The Plymouth Satellite, painted in a once-vibrant shade of cream or yellow, now wears the patina of time and neglect. Despite its current state, this vehicle once epitomized the muscle car era's thrill and style. Particularly noteworthy is the car’s designation as an 'H code' vehicle, marking it as a higher trim level within its range. The reasons for its abandonment in the woods remain a mystery, adding to the intrigue surrounding this automotive relic.


Accompanying the Satellite in this unexpected collection are a Ford Van and another Plymouth Satellite from 1971, each bearing their own stories of past glories and adventures. Further exploration of the site reveals an old lawn mower, humorously imagined to possess '1,000 horsepower,' silently resting amidst the greenery.

The discovery of these classic vehicles, particularly the Plymouth Satellites, is a poignant reminder of the inherent beauty and appeal of Mopar's creations. These cars, once the pride of American roadways, now serve as a testament to an era defined by raw power and innovative design.

The future of these vehicles remains uncertain. However, the hope is that they may one day be rescued and restored, returning them to their rightful place on the road. This find not only excites classic car enthusiasts but also underscores the importance of preserving automotive history. Perhaps, with some care and restoration, these once-forgotten treasures can roar to life again, continuing their legacy and bringing joy to a new generation of motor enthusiasts.

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