Abandoned Dealership with 300 Vintage Cars Up for Grabs

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A rare opportunity arises for car enthusiasts as an abandoned dealership with over 300 vintage cars is listed for sale.

An abandoned car dealership in Canaan, New Hampshire, near the Vermont border, is now on the market for £320,000, offering an extraordinary opportunity for car enthusiasts. The 18-acre property, formerly known as "Parts of the Past," includes over 300 vintage cars, many of which are American classics like Chryslers, DeSotos, and Nash Metropolitans, all in varying states of preservation. This treasure trove of automobiles is included in the sale, presenting a unique chance for someone passionate about classic cars to acquire a vast collection of automotive history.


The property features a one-bedroom cabin with charming oak walls, beamed ceilings, and vintage furnishings, though it requires some maintenance. The living room is furnished with old armchairs, a desk, and a coffee table, while the conservatory houses a grand hot tub and storage space.

The upstairs bedroom includes an en-suite bathroom. The true allure of this property, however, lies outside, where the vintage cars are scattered across the grounds. The listing emphasizes the timeless appeal and rarity of these classic cars, making this an incredible opportunity for the right buyer. This property is a unique find that offers not just a piece of land but a significant collection of classic cars, perfect for a passionate collector looking to restore and preserve automotive history.

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