A Glimpse into Automotive History: Abandoned UK Dealership

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Once a functioning dealership, this now serves as a time capsule with cars from the '90s, frozen in time for two decades.

In the heart of Derbyshire, UK, lies a relic of the automotive industry's bustling past—the Jetberg Garage. Closed since 2002 and still under the ownership of Grenville Isham, this abandoned car dealership stands as a poignant reminder of the ephemeral nature of business success and the relentless march of time. Financial difficulties and an economic slowdown at the turn of the millennium forced Jetberg Garage to shutter its doors, leaving behind a silent witness to the era of the '90s automotive market.


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Originally known for its capacity to house up to 20 cars and promise of instant delivery, the garage's story took a viral turn in 2017, thanks to a video shared by Classic Car Daily on Facebook. This video unveiled nine cars, including models like a Lada Samara and a Vauxhall Cavalier, securely locked away, evoking a "car zoo" where vehicles from a bygone era were preserved behind bars.

The viral exposure drew more photographers and curiosity seekers to the site, revealing a somewhat derelict collection of cars. Yet, this place is more than just an abandoned property; it's a snapshot of a specific point in automotive history. As of now, only three cars remain within its confines—a Vauxhall Cavalier, Rover 820, and an Austin Maestro, all from 1990, sitting under a blanket of dust and grappling with the forces of nature.

These remaining classics, despite their dilapidated state, hold potential value for restorers and collectors who see beyond the rust and grime to the beauty and history these vehicles represent. The Jetberg Garage has also captured the imagination of filmmakers, featuring in the movie "Pin Cushion," thereby cementing its place not only in automotive history but also in popular culture.

As plans for redevelopment loom, the future of Jetberg Garage and its automotive inhabitants hangs in balance, sparking debates about preservation versus progress. This story resonates with those who find beauty in decay and see the value in preserving the past as a way to understand our present and future. Jetberg Garage remains a fascinating chapter in the UK's automotive and cultural narrative, a must-visit for anyone intrigued by the stories that abandoned places tell.

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