Apolo Ohno’s 1964 Cadillac Is Pretty Cool

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It’s an old build but it’s aged quite well…

Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno seems to have pretty good taste in cars if his 1964 Cadillac is anything to go off of. Built by Kindig It Design and called Zero Regrets, it was actually available for purchase at the time AutotopiaLA made a video profile of it. It looks to have sold already, which isn’t shocking since we can’t imagine a car like this would sit around on the market forever.

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Powering this ride is a smooth 502ci Ram Jet V8 paired with a 4L80-E automatic transmission. This isn’t supposed to be a performance car but instead it’s a luxury barge that floats down the road and looks hella cool doing it.

Speaking of floating, this Caddie has a nice RideTech air suspension that is, of course, adjustable. That’s great when you need to negotiate steep driveway skirts or maybe drive somewhere without fastidious road maintenance.


Since this car was displayed at SEMA after it was completed, it is a true show car. Every nook and cranny is done up to the nines, including the engine bay, interior, trunk, and chassis. Plus the wheels mimic whitewall tires so well, they fool just about everyone. This car even comes with a thumping sound system to impress the neighbors. The overall fit and finish looks amazing and certainly impressed Shawn Davis, a guy who’s constantly around amazing machines.

Because of whom this car was built for, there are little Olympic Easter eggs all over. One of the most obvious are the Olympic rings badges on the rear fenders, but others include the gauges shaped like the Olympic rings, and the Cadillac emblems on the seatbacks that look a little like Olympic medals.

This really is one smooth ride so be sure to check out the video to see all the details.

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