Arkansas Trooper Takes Down Fleeing Scat Pack

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Arkansas Trooper Takes Down Fleeing Scat Pack
Arkansas Trooper Takes Down Fleeing Scat Pack

Normally when a law enforcement officer tries chasing down a powerful muscle car like the Dodge Charger Scat Pack in the included video it doesn’t go so well for the cop. Unless the suspect is really bad at driving their vehicle, it’s so much more powerful and faster than police cars there’s just no contest. But Trooper Jacob Byrd is far from your average member of Arkansas State Police.

Watch a cop stop a fleeing Dodge Scat Pack using pure dumb luck.

Predictably, when Trooper Byrd flips on his lights and tries pulling over the Mopar muscle car, the suspect drops the hammer and starts gapping the ASP cruiser big time. The guy also wastes no time veering into oncoming traffic in an effort to get around slower cars and lose the trooper.


Trooper Byrd is in a slower car but he doesn’t let that affect what he does best. The man stays cool, calm, and collected while giving updates on his radio and driving as safely as possible while working to close the initial gap.

You quickly see how skill in a slower car is better than wild enthusiasm in something much faster. Everyone seems to think it’s all about your ride, but in reality a good driver can get a slower vehicle around a track, or in this case through city streets with traffic, faster. Skill matters.

Still, with a wide open road the suspect can really drop the hammer and pull away again. That presents a problem Trooper Byrd has faced before. The man doesn’t lose it but just keeps driving his best.

Every time the suspect takes a turn, Trooper Byrd just gets a little closer. Like most fleeing criminals, our suspect obviously doesn’t understand how to get through turns rapidly and for that we’re grateful.

But the suspect ups the ante and drives straight into fairly thick oncoming traffic. It’s a genuine code brown moment that shows the chase is becoming increasingly dangerous.

When he has the chance, Trooper Byrd doesn’t PIT the Scat Pack but instead does another type of TVI that’s quite effective and doesn’t send the Dodge spinning into oncoming traffic. The man has serious skills and we’re glad he’s using them to enforce the law instead of breaking it.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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