Australians Try Pedestrian Scam On Drivers

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Australians Try Pedestrian Scam On Drivers
Australians Try Pedestrian Scam On Drivers

Years ago when Russian dashcam footage was all the rage, we saw quite a few cases where pedestrians acted like cars hit them. Some were really horrible actors, others far more convincing, but it was obvious the attempts were straight up scams. It looks like those tricks have been imported to Australia now, so it’s only a matter of time before it comes here.

Ford Expedition owner awarded almost $57 million in lawsuit.

Dashcam footage of the scam, which was taken in the Quakers Hills area of Sydney, was uploaded to Reddit. It shows a driver traveling down a residential road until he comes across a woman just standing in the lane of travel.


As the driver slows down, obviously wondering what the woman is doing, she walks closer to the front of the vehicle, then lays down on the road.

That’s when a man who’s walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the street walks over and starts taking video or photos of the woman in front of the vehicle, supposedly documenting the accident.

The person who shared the video on Reddit said his friend, the driver, was accused of hitting the woman as the other man demanded money from him. To anyone with a functioning brain it’s a scam, but we wonder if it doesn’t work some of the time.

We hope this is just an isolated incident and not part of a growing trend in Western countries. Like we said, these sorts of scams have been more popular in Russia and old East Bloc nations. But if they’re catching on in the West, this means we all have to stay alert and be ready.

One good protection is having a dashcam like this Australian did. That documents everything, keeping these scammers from making ridiculous claims.

Image via HorusTheSonOfOsiris/Reddit

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