Grandma Punches Car Thief In The Face

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Grandma Punches Car Thief In The Face
Grandma Punches Car Thief In The Face

Range Rovers are super popular theft targets, thanks in no small part to the high price tag they carry. It seems one pair of thieves thought they were going to get one of the luxury SUVs with ease, only to get the smackdown from a grandma inside.

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Back on June 21, a mother pulled in front of a post office in Melbourne, Australia to file a passport application. The two thieves saw her run inside and decided they were going to take the Range Rover.

What they didn’t know was not only was a feisty grandma sitting inside but so was her grandchild. Those maternal instincts kicked in and the 63-year-old grandmother punched the would-be thief in the face.


We really wish surveillance footage captured the punch as well as the look on the guy’s face afterward. Instead, it merely shows him running away. What seemed like an easy score became a quick ticket to pain.

Other grandparents and parents have fought off car thieves, including some who are armed, because a child or multiple children were in the vehicle. That instinct to protect can be fierce and these little criminals don’t seem to really understand that.

In this case, the would-be Range Rover thief went scampering off to his buddy and getaway driver who was behind the wheel of a stolen Mazda pickup truck. According to 9News, he was listening to gangster rap and dancing to it like he didn’t have a care in the world.

Police believe these two are part of a gang which has been stealing cars in the Melbourne area as well as performing some armed robberies plus aggravated burglaries. In other words, they’ve used violence to take things from victims, so this grandma might have been the only one to return the favor.

Image via 9News

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