What Automaker Has Never Made A Bad Car?

Has Morgan ever made a bad car? - Photo: Morgan
Has Morgan ever made a bad car? - Photo: Morgan

If you think about your favorite car company, can you hand on heart say that everything it’s ever built has been great? Like, has it really never made a bad car? And if your favorite car company can’t say no to that, is there an automaker that you think can?

That’s exactly what we want to answer today, is there a car company out there who really has been all killer and no filler. The “Favourite Worst Nightmare” of car companies, as it were.

This is a question that we think is a tough one to answer, because some automakers have had some great runs of success, but through their history they’ve had some misses as well. Take Fiat for example, it had some excellent cars through its history, like the original Panda, the glorious Spider and the 500e is pretty great today. But it also made the Multipla, and that’s a miss in my book.


Then there’s the more exotic brands to consider, like Lamborghini, which is responsible for some of the greatest bedroom wall poster cars of all time. We’re talking about the Countach, Miura and the Murcielago. But then there’s the LM 002, so does that mean Lamborghini no longer counts?

I think if you want to find an automaker that never made a bad car, you have to think of a company that always made fine cars, or one that never made many cars. So I’ll throw Morgan into the mix. Sure, it sometimes feels like the historic British brand has been making the same three cars for forever, but they’re all great. And think about the really special cars they’ve made as well, like the excellent AeroMax and Aero 8. Can you name a bad Morgan for me, I’ll wait?

That’s just my suggestion though, what car maker would you go for? Head to the comments section below to let us know what automaker you think has never made a bad car. We’ll round up some of the top suggestions in a slideshow next week.

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