The best cheap electric cars you would actually want to own

Cupra Born
Cupra Born

‘Cheap electric car’ still feels like a contradiction. In fact, ‘cheap new car’ can often feel like a contradiction. But while electric motoring isn’t coming to the masses overnight, efforts are being made to bring down the costs of electric cars.

Right now, a full-featured EV with a 200-mile range remains out of reach below £20,000, but the bottom of the market is looking a lot healthier than it was only a few years ago, with plenty of genuinely enticing options between £20,000 and £40,000.

You may have spotted our list of the cheapest EVs on sale, which is literally just that. You can buy a Citroën Ami for under £10,000, but you probably don’t want to. Read on to discover our favourite cheap electric cars we would actually recommend if you have up to £40,000 to spend.

Top 10 cheap electric cars