Best used cars for £50,000 and under

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrofoglio front drift
Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrofoglio front drift

There’s a good reason to get excited by the best used cars for £50,000.

In a world filled with electric cars that start from £40,000 and the average price of new models generally going in one direction, it’s refreshing to learn that you can still buy into rapid, LEZ-dodging combustion territory for the same price as a Peugeot e-208.

And if it was between that car and the sort of machinery about to grace your eyes, we think it would be a foregone conclusion as to which one would end up on your driveway.

And that’s because £50,000 buys you some of the most nerve-tingling, grin-inducing, ear-pricking thrills from over the last 25 years - one of the best eras in motoring history.


You’ll find a handful of tenable supercars, high-performance SUVs and a fair selection of desirable coupes that are, right now, on the less expensive rung of the modern-classic appreciation ladder. You can also expect a decent warranty at this level, unless you’re buying privately.

The forthcoming list includes cars with no more than 40,000 miles, raspy and characterful engines, stand-out looks and a distinct lack of batteries, apart from the one that powers the alternator.

The best used cars for £50,000 and under