The Blackout Charger Strikes Again

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The Blackout Charger Strikes Again
The Blackout Charger Strikes Again

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the infamous Blackout Charger at work in Arkansas. In fact, it might be long enough some people have forgotten all about it. As a quick refresher, it’s a black Dodge Charger we think is possibly a Hellcat, likely modified, that has outran Arkansas State Police repeatedly.

Watch a suspect wreck out big after trying to avoid a PIT maneuver.

The Mopar muscle car and its unidentified driver have become a bit of a legend online after several videos of unsuccessful ASP pursuits hit YouTube. Well, it appears the Blackout Charger is back and it’s just as fast as ever.


This time around a trooper sees the car pull out from a line of vehicles sitting at a red light. It’s like the driver just knows he can’t stay where he is lest he could become trapped, so he just pulls into the opposing lanes of traffic and takes off.

The trooper goes lights and sirens, then gives chase. For a small moment of time it looks like this might be a real cat and mouse game. But the suspect suddenly pours it on and the Mopar pulls away like the trooper is driving a hooptie.

Even as the Charger becomes a little dot on the horizon, the trooper doesn’t give up. We can’t tell if at some point the suspect blacks out, and some are saying this isn’t the Blackout Charger, but we think it might be. If not, it’s someone who drives eerily similarly, which we guess is possible.

Whomever it is, the Dodge just pulls away and stays far ahead of the trooper. Everyone can debate when this pursuit should’ve ended, we’re not going to play armchair quarterback. But we will say the trooper never stood a chance of running this guy down. He did give it a good try.

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube

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