The worst parking job in North America caught by police, YouTube

This video isn't for the faint of heart. There's nothing that dramatic, but it only takes a few seconds before the question of how someone could be so incompetent at simply backing out of a parking space becomes almost too much to bear. The 97-point turn by a woman in a BMW X3 captured last week in Calgary, Canada, takes four minutes to complete and results in damage to one nearby car, all before the driver simply rolls onto her next appointment with befuddlement.

According to the CBC, the woman behind the wheel was later found by Calgary police and given a $115 ticket for "unsafe backing." It's not clear whether the owner of the Mazda 3 who gets his fender dented — after unwittingly helping the driver complete her escape from the scene — will also get some compensation for his troubles, although the woman was apparently unaware she had hit his vehicle, or that her exploits had garnered more than three million viewers.