Booty Patrol Truck Gets In Trouble With Florida Cops

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Booty Patrol Truck Gets In Trouble With Florida Cops
Booty Patrol Truck Gets In Trouble With Florida Cops

Someone in South Florida thought it would be funny to make a white Chevy Silverado look like a US Border Patrol truck but instead put “Booty Control” down the sides. And while the vehicle in question reportedly has given people at local car shows plenty of laughs, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t think it’s funny, not one bit. But some are saying the law enforcement agency is just a bunch of party poopers.

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In a Facebook post, the sheriff’s office asked the public if they or someone they know had been pulled over by the Booty Patrol truck, or seen it engaged in any activities which would be considered impersonating law enforcement. They made sure to mention the truck had been spotted in other counties around the state, including several snapshots of it.

Before one thinks the Desoto County Sheriff’s Office is making a big deal out of nothing, there’s a key detail disclosed in that post: the Booty Patrol truck is allegedly equipped with blue and red lights. In Florida state law prohibits any vehicle that isn’t law enforcement from displaying blue lights. Plus, most Americans with a shred of sense know having red and blue lights on your vehicle is going to get you in a heap of trouble.


Yet on the Facebook post, the Booty Patrol had quite a few supporters who claimed even with the lights the truck was customized in good fun. They don’t believe the owners or anyone else has used it to pull people over under the pretense of being law enforcement. Hopefully they’re right because impersonating a cop is a serious offense and saying later you were just joking won’t get you out of the consequences.

One Facebook user tried to argue that since the vehicle in question “is a show truck’ that somehow makes it having red and blue lights okay. They also claimed to have knowledge that no traffic stops have been done using it. One must wonder how this person could possibly know that.

Other people on the social media platform also argue the Booty Patrol is an obvious joke, with one in particular saying “if anyone thinks this is a real officer they have a problem.” Somehow we don’t think that would hold up as a defense in court, but we’re not attorneys so consult yours before outfitting your ride with red and blue lights. We personally wouldn’t chance it.