Charger Vs Charger: Watch A Suspect Challenge A Florida Trooper

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Charger Vs Charger: Watch A Suspect Challenge A Florida Trooper
Charger Vs Charger: Watch A Suspect Challenge A Florida Trooper

Too dark of window tint sparked a competition between a Florida Highway Patrol trooper and a suspect. With both behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger, perhaps the suspect felt running gave him a fair shot. What he failed to calculate for was his lack of training and preparedness.

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We get to see the chase in gripping dashcam footage. Once the trooper catches up with the suspect and turned on his lights, the other driver decides to show off what all his Mopar muscle car can do.

What he fails to understand is the trooper isn’t behind the wheel of a Geo Metro. The only thing we can conclude is the suspect thinks he’s just such a good driver he can lose the cop and not have to deal with any consequences.


After getting off the highway and going through some turns rapidly, our suspect gets back on the highway going the opposite direction. That’s when he does start gapping the trooper as the dashcam itself shakes (sorry if you get motion sickness, this part might be rather unpleasant).

It’s a flat-out, high-speed chase at this point as the two cars work around what little traffic there is while pushing the needle. This cat and mouse game continues with a few close calls, but the trooper isn’t letting up one bit.

One would think if at this point you’re not shaking the trooper off your tail the chase is just senseless. After all, a pursuit of this nature usually only ends one way, and that’s with the suspect’s car spinning out at high speed.

But not everyone watches high-speed dashcam videos, apparently, otherwise they’d give up more easily and save their car from a horrible fate.

Sure enough, as another trooper jumps into the chase he pushes the suspect right off the highway, ending the chase in brutal fashion.

Image via Scooper/YouTube

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