Chevy Silverado Driver Learns Arkansas Troopers Aren’t Playing Around

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Chevy Silverado Driver Learns Arkansas Troopers Aren’t Playing Around
Chevy Silverado Driver Learns Arkansas Troopers Aren’t Playing Around

If you’re for some reason running from local law enforcement in Arkansas and at some point an Arkansas State Police cruiser joins in the pursuit, just pull over right then. Known for training heavily in ending high-speed chases quickly and effectively, you don’t want to mess with an ASP trooper. This chase with an old Chevy Silverado perfectly illustrates why.

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The trooper waits on a highway on-ramp for the chase to come to him, then he makes short work of catching up to the suspect. Why the guy is running from the cops isn’t clear, but he obviously won’t pull over and tell it to the judge.


Rather than stay on the highway, the suspect maneuvers his old truck onto surface streets in Little Rock. When traffic is stopped thanks to a red light, the guy just hops the curb and drives on the sidewalk, determined to get away.

When you do something like that during a chase, you’re clearly demonstrating to police that you have zero regard for the safety of the general public. They can then use that as justification for using extreme force to take you down.

On top of that, ASP authorizes its troopers to PIT a suspect out without getting permission first. This is why you shouldn’t run from Arkansas troopers.

As the guy comes off the sidewalk, he almost hits a smaller Nissan Frontier. That’s then the trooper gives the truck a nice love tap to show he’s not playing. A second trooper comes along and PITs out the Silverado hard, spinning it almost a full 180 degrees.

Then the real fun begins as the suspect doesn’t cooperate with orders to put his hands up and troopers have some choice words for him. Done playing, they break his window and pull him out through the opening.

Don’t mess with Arkansas troopers because they’re not playing.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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