Chiefs Rookie Xavier Worthy Has His Car Stolen

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Chiefs Rookie Xavier Worthy Has His Car Stolen
Chiefs Rookie Xavier Worthy Has His Car Stolen

Having your car stolen often produces a sickening feeling, something Kansas City Chiefs first-round draft pick Xavier Worthy now knows firsthand. The rookie NFL wide receiver reportedly had his ride swiped from the parking garage at his new apartment in Kansas City.

Patrick Mahomes’ car collection is pure fire.

The theft, which took place sometime in the early morning hours of May 13, was discovered by Worthy at about 7 am, reports Fox News. Not only is that a horrible way to start your day, it’s a horrendous introduction to a new city and the start of your career.


Police report the car was “parked, secured, and intact” before it was stolen. We know for some thieves that doesn’t mean much as they carry tools and skills to get past every factory security layer in just minutes.

We have no idea what kind of car was stolen since no reports and Worthy himself haven’t said. If we had to guess, we’d say it’s a high-performance or luxury model, both of which are prime targets for thieves. And thieves who go after such vehicles often carry sophisticated equipment.

Many people believe if they live somewhere with a secured parking garage their ride will be safe. While that can add an extra layer of security, it’s not foolproof. After all, if someone can hack into and start your car, they can probably figure out how to get around the garage security systems as well.

Hopefully police are able to track Worthy’s stolen car down and recover it in one piece. We don’t know if it has a GPS tracker or not, but the lack of information makes us wonder if they don’t have a good lead on it.

Also, with NFL teams about to start practicing, we hope Worthy can concentrate on learning the Chiefs’ system and integrated into his new position instead of worrying about his stolen vehicle.

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