Classic Car Scam Sites Are On The Rise

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Classic Car Scam Sites Are On The Rise
Classic Car Scam Sites Are On The Rise

We’ve seen our fair share of scams in the automotive industry, but one that’s always a threat are fake classic car dealers intent on just stealing people’s hard earned cash. But a recent report from WALA in Alabama shines a light on the Better Business Bureau’s warning about an increase in scams involving what look like legitimate classic car dealers who are intent on taking your money and disappearing.

An oil change chain has been accused of destroying customers’ engines.

That report details out three dealerships supposedly located in other states which took people’s money and disappeared. It’s a key element of these scams. They know you probably can’t or won’t travel across the country to look at a classic car you’re interested in buying, so the person you’re dealing with might not even live there.


Many times, the scammers are lifting entire vehicle listings from legitimate dealerships, even keeping their name but changing the contact info. That makes it harder to detect the deception since everything looks authentic.

There are things you can do to protect against online car sales scams, whether it’s classic or more modern models. The BBB councils that you see a vehicle in person before handing over any cash. If that doesn’t work, use someone you trust who lives nearby to go check it out. That right there would defeat most if not all of these scams.

The BBB also says you should pay for the vehicle using a cashiers check when you show up in person to take delivery. So many people want to just electronically transfer large sums of cash and then trust the dealer will load the vehicle onto a transport truck. That doesn’t always work out so well.

If you feel the seller is really applying pressure and/or the deal on the vehicle you’re looking at online is too good to be true, it likely is. Many times scammers try to get you to make a quick decision before you realize something is wrong. Instead, slow down and listen to your gut since it will often indicate you need to walk early.

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