Classic Chevy Treasure Trove

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The rusty collection is vast.

Resurrection Auto, a classic car enthusiast's haven, has recently acquired an extensive collection of over 150 classic Chevrolet vehicles, dating from 1950 to 1988, alongside a solitary 1969 Corvette driver seat. Dubbed as "Junk, but good junk" by the owners, this collection offers a unique glimpse into automotive history, with an array of models that range from sedans to trucks, all bearing the iconic Chevy badge. Situated on the premises of Resurrection Auto, these classics are in various states of preservation, with some poised for full restoration or parts salvage.

The acquisition, still in progress due to logistical and safety considerations, promises to enrich the classic car community. Enthusiasts and restorers alike eagerly await the completion of the transfer, with the promise of regular updates and video content from Resurrection Auto. This collection not only represents a significant find for Chevy aficionados but also highlights the enduring appeal and value of American muscle cars.

While not all vehicles in the collection retain their original parts, the availability of donor cars within the lot offers a rare opportunity for restoration projects. The variety and sheer volume of classic Chevys discovered in this junkyard underscore the persistent allure of these vintage models. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of a Bel Air or the raw power of a Corvette, Resurrection Auto's latest acquisition invites you to embark on a journey of automotive revival, transforming neglected classics into road-worthy treasures.

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