Connecticut Woman Dragged By Dodge Charger Thief

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Connecticut Woman Dragged By Dodge Charger Thief
Connecticut Woman Dragged By Dodge Charger Thief

A woman in Bristol, Connecticut not only lost her Dodge Charger while fueling up at a gas station, she almost lost her life. Thieves took the Mopar right in front of her and she held onto the car from the outside as they drove away, dragging her down the road at speed.

Police chase through Tennessee backroads comes with a twist ending.

Surveillance video footage of the incident, which we’ve shared, shows the woman finish fueling up, then walking into the gas station. While she’s in there, another vehicle drives by slowly, then reverses and the passenger gets out. That person then just walks up and opens the Charger’s driver door.


We don’t know if the woman just left the car unlocked or if the thieves were able to spoof her fob’s signal, but we’re guessing the latter. At that moment the woman comes out of the store, sees the man opening her car door, then dashes toward her vehicle.

Sadly, she trips halfway there and falls. The thief runs back to his getaway vehicle, but once he sees the lady isn’t on her feet anymore he goes back to the Dodge and gets inside. The woman runs over but is too late to stop the guy, and that’s when she holds onto the vehicle as the suspect speeds off and down the road.

Thankfully, authorities say the woman only suffered minor injuries after she couldn’t hold onto the car anymore. She’s lucky the rear wheels didn’t roll over her – after all, Chargers are heavy. Seriously, though, we don’t know of a single vehicle that’s worth our life.

Police say they tracked the stolen Dodge Charger down in a neighboring city. The thieves likely realized there was too much heat, panicked, and ditched it to try throwing law enforcement off their trail. With so many stolen vehicle cases in the area, this one does stand out because of the violence it involved. But we doubt it’s the last time a victim gets hurt.

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