Cops Arrest An Entire Hells Angels Chapter

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Cops Arrest An Entire Hells Angels Chapter
Cops Arrest An Entire Hells Angels Chapter

The Hells Angels have been a notorious motorcycle club for decades and is one of the few which most people can name off the top of their head. With that recognition comes power as well as liabilities. We’re not sure if it was a factor in authorities recently arresting an entire Hells Angels chapter.

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All of the Bakersfield, California chapter members were arrested as pat of a kidnapping, robbery, and assault probe. Two members of a sub-affiliate club were also arrested in the operation.

Not surprisingly, police seized a number of guns and ammunition. Anyone who thinks the Hells Angels are riding around unarmed needs to get a reality check.


The bust was made by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives along with Kern County Sheriff’s Office and California Highway Patrol. The suspects are facing a long list of charges which include elder abuse, false imprisonment, kidnapping, assault with a firearm, first degree robbery, criminal threats, criminal conspiracy, intimidating a witness or victim, and participation in a criminal street gang.

It really sounds like authorities are throwing the book at the motorcycle club. Since the investigation is ongoing we don’t know any details, but they must have done something to bring the ire of the law down full force.

We know many motorcycle enthusiasts are likely cheering this news. After all, they feel biker gangs have given the hobby they dearly love a bad name so to see them taken down is considered a victory of sorts.

While the general public might view motorcyclists as wild lawbreakers, many enthusiasts are professionals who like to cut loose and roll around on two wheels during the weekends. They own a house, work a legitimate job, pay taxes, and are contributing members of society.

Images via Kern County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook