Corvette Kart Looks Like Sketchy Fun

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Maybe try this one at home?

Corvettes are impressive performance machines, and modifying them can unlock all sorts of power. But the best way to really unlock their potential is to strip off everything non-essential, lightweighting them in extreme fashion. That’s what we have here today with an off-road Corvette kart, which is one of the sketchiest rides we’ve seen in at least a few days.

Obviously, this ‘Vette was already crashed, because stripping off all the body panels, etc. from a perfectly good one would be pretty stupid. Most likely where you live such a stripped-down sports car won’t be legal to register for road use, hence why this is an off-road build, and we’ve not talking about like how a Jeep is used in off-roading. However, it appears it can be driven on public streets in Oregon, or at least these guys take it on the road, but we’re not sure just how legit that is so consult with your attorney before doing the same.


Without all that extra weight, the V8 has a lot less to move and so it really comes alive. Thankfully it has a big carbon-fiber wing mounted in the rear, just so this beast doesn’t take flight (that’s a joke, before the hate mail starts pouring in). At least it has a windshield, keeping the driver and passenger from being completely wind-whipped.

There are a few things missing from this redneck racer, namely fenders. You might think you don’t need such things, but all it takes is getting hit in the head by a rock thrown by one of the rear tire to change your mind. Sure, you can wear a helmet and absolutely should while driving or riding in this thing, having that extra protection would be nice.

Check out the video to see and hear this thing in action, it’s pretty wild.

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