Notorious Chrysler 300 Gets Caught, Catches On Fire

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Notorious Chrysler 300 Gets Caught, Catches On Fire
Notorious Chrysler 300 Gets Caught, Catches On Fire

Oh look, the consequences of his actions!

Like the infamous Blackout Charger, the driver of this black Chrysler 300 with heavy window tint has slipped away from Arkansas State Police multiple times. But as they say, if you live by the sword you die by the sword, so this suspect pushed the Mopar hard one too many times, getting caught as the engine caught on fire. We like to think the Chrysler was treated to a proper Viking funeral of sorts.

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This time the chase started at 10 am on September 18 when a trooper spotted the Chrysler 300 going 97 mph in a construction zone. After the trooper put her lights and sirens on, the suspect pushed his car and was able to snake his way through traffic, eventually making an exit the trooper couldn’t.


The guy was probably feeling pretty smug, but at this point every law enforcement agent in the area was looking for the black Chrysler 300. He just happened to blast past another trooper which had pulled a car over on the side of the road, so the chase was on once more.

What the suspect didn’t know was Trooper Randall Schwab who was riding up on him boasts some pretty sweet skills behind the wheel. That would play a huge factor in finally busting this chronic fleeing suspect.

As the suspect pours it on, pulling all kinds of hot dog maneuvers to lose Trooper Schwab like weaving between cars, riding the shoulder, sharp lane changes, etc. the ASP cruiser stays right on his tail. The guy almost runs some innocent bystanders off the road, feigns taking an exit, goes the wrong way on surface streets, and more but Trooper Schwab sticks to him like glue.

Finally, the Chrysler 300 turns into a residential area in a last-ditch effort to shake the trooper. The suspect does put some distance between himself and his pursuer. But after speeding down a dirt road the notorious fleeing suspect runs out of road as smoke starts pouring out from under the hood of his Mopar.

As the guy takes off on foot, the Chrysler starts going up in flames. It didn’t take long for troopers to chase him down, so his reign of terror was over.

Check out the wild chase and fire for yourself.

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