Corvettes, Camaros Recovered After Kentucky Dealership Heist

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Corvettes, Camaros Recovered After Kentucky Dealership Heist
Corvettes, Camaros Recovered After Kentucky Dealership Heist

Back on June 4, a car dealership in Jeffersontown, Kentucky fell victim to a heist concentrating on high-performance cars. In a refreshing change compared to so many similar cases, police were able to find those and other Camaros and Corvettes in the Louisville Metro area, and it was all thanks to OnStar.

Violent street takeovers rock California cities over the weekend.

Usually, thieves disable OnStar, or at least try to, when they steal GM vehicles. This crew was focusing just on GMs, specifically Chevrolets, taking Camaros, Corvettes, and a Silverado. Police believe they’re responsible for quite a few other car theft cases.


But either someone thought they disabled the OnStar GPS tracker or they just plain forgot, because WHAS11 reports that led authorities straight to the property where not only the cars taken from the Jeffersontown dealership were being kept, so were other stolen rides.

Were these guys amateurs? Maybe, but if they’ve been pulling off other heists maybe not so much. We’ve seen car thieves who think they know how to completely disable OnStar only partly do the job. That’s a good thing since that skill gap leads to busts like this.

But it sounds like the guy who’s suspected of being the mastermind or ringleader of the whole operation is on the run. Authorities are looking for one Abubaker Ahmed (you can see his photo in the second video we’ve shared).

Sure, this case can just be taken as another example of how dumb or sloppy car thieves can be. But it also shows the power of GPS trackers. If you don’t have at least one, preferably two or more, active in your ride, you’re taking a tremendous risk.

Even just dropping an Apple AirTag in your vehicle somewhere that isn’t obvious can result in a quick recovery if someone ever steals your car.

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