Could This Be the Rumored Electric Nissan Skyline SUV?

Electric Nissan Skyline SUV
Electric Nissan Skyline SUV

Just like every crustacean eventually evolves into a crab, every automotive nameplate is fated to become a crossover. It even happened to the esteemed Toyota Crown, and it now seems to be happening to the Nissan Skyline. That's what rumors as of late have suggested, and thanks to a newly released video from Nissan, we may have just gotten our first peek.

The shadowed SUV in question was briefly shown in a video touting Nissan's midterm business plan, which it calls The Arc. One particular vehicle, third to stage-right, stands out with quadruple circular taillights that are emblematic of the Skyline (and separate GT-R). Though it's only visible in poor light, the vehicle is suggested by its side profile to be a high-riding crossover with a sloping coupe roofline. That would seem to suggest the Skyline is becoming a coupe-over, just like the BMW X6.

The Skyline's metamorphosis into an SUV was foretold in Japanese media, which had both good and bad news of the coming crossover. Apparently, the Skyline SUV will make more than 450 horsepower and have all-wheel drive, putting it on similar ground to the early R35 GT-R. It'll also apparently be sold in North America—though that's where the bad news begins.