Dodge Challenger Listed For Sale Right After It Was Crashed

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Dodge Challenger Listed For Sale Right After It Was Crashed
Dodge Challenger Listed For Sale Right After It Was Crashed

While the running joke both on and off the internet is that Mustangs crash constantly, especially into crowds, Dodge Challengers certainly are no stranger to wreckage. That’s why in a way it seems fitting a guy listed his Mopar muscle car for sale right after crashing it, including photos of it crunched and sitting in a lane of traffic.

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What really floored people once this listing went up and it was shared repeatedly in a number of car groups is that this guy listed the Dodge muscle car right after wrecking it. He did it with crash scene photos, too. At least he didn’t show the other vehicle or it would’ve really been weird.

Image via Isaiah Bowens/Facebook Marketplace
Image via Isaiah Bowens/Facebook Marketplace

The person who listed this Challenger on Facebook Marketplace, one Isaiah Bowens, made it clear he was anxious to get it unloaded immediately. We saw the listing not too long after it went live on June 1 and when we checked back recently, it’s still up.


According to the listing, the Dodge has 150,000 miles on it and features the 5.7-liter Hemi V8, which is apparently intact. The seller claims to have the title in hand, so you don’t have to mess with other parties.

Since you’ll definitely have to transport this Challenger, either yourself or through a service, you should know it’s in Lithia Springs, Georgia. There’s obviously no driving it home right after you sign the paperwork.

From the photos, it appears most of the damage is to the muscle car’s front end, although the driver’s side rear is pretty crunched. Everything else looks to be in reasonable condition. We’re a little surprised nobody has scooped this up for a parts or project car at $3,000. Then again, the market is pretty competitive for sellers these days.

Would you grab this 2014 Dodge Challenger with collision damage for $3,000? Or is that too much?

Images via Isaiah Bowens/Facebook Marketplace

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