Ghost Mustang Takes Out Toyota Tundra

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Now the Mustangs are driving themselves…

A Motorious reader recently shared his story of how his neighbor’s 1966 Ford Mustang smashed into his Toyota Tundra on October 29 and we had to share. You see, this story proves a point many have argued about in the past, mainly that it’s not necessarily Mustang drivers who are taking out power poles, houses, and crowds gathered at car meets, it’s the pony cars themselves.

This reader was concerned after I published this article about a Mustang inviting itself into a house, stating it wasn’t the car’s fault.

Per the reader, his neighbor’s ’66 Mustang was sitting warming up unattended in an open garage when, according to the neighbor, the Ford shifted from park to reverse. Now, we’ve done enough research watching old Knight Rider and Transformer episodes to know this is clearly a case of a sentient Mustang going rogue.

The Mustang traveled approximately 100 feet in reverse, the open driver’s door knocking down what the reader says is a “substantial” brick pillar, proving they don’t make car doors like they used to. The Ford continued in reversing until it hit the passenger-side rear corner of the Tundra, smashing the taillight and body panels, doing about $3,500 in damage to the pickup. As for the Mustang, it didn’t fare much better, with the trunk lid, rear bumper, and rear panel crumpled. Oh, and don’t forget the damage to the driver’s door. Apparently, the Mustang is totaled, which is truly unfortunate.

This story reminds me of another story from years ago. A neighbor of mine owned a New Edge Mustang GT which also mysteriously rolled away unattended. The guy had visited the nearby grocery store, parked the muscle car, and upon returning found it was gone. Thinking it had been stolen, he got out his phone and was about to call the police when he spotted his car parked crooked in a spot a few rows over. The Mustang GT had a manual transmission and the owner never put it in gear, plus he just knew parking brakes don’t work, plus the grocery store parking lot in question was on a bit of a slope, but of course it was that the car went rogue, probably tried to hit some pedestrians or a power pole, then when unsuccessful parked itself crookedly before waiting dutifully for its owner.


In short, sentient Ford Mustangs are a thing and everyone needs to watch out before it’s too late.

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