How Does This Kia Get Away From Arkansas State Police?

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How Does This Kia Get Away From Arkansas State Police?
How Does This Kia Get Away From Arkansas State Police?

Usually we wouldn’t recommend anyone use a wimpy four-banger car, turbocharged or not, to try running from police. Yet this driver in Arkansas was able to evade a trooper chasing him using a Kia K5 of all things. While some might believe this is a case for buying a Korean car, we think it has more to do with driver skill than anything.

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Thanks to marketing in the automotive industry, a lot of people think in a race, which is essentially what these police chases are, what kind of car you have is the deciding factor for the outcome. The truth is there are many variables and a the biggest one is the driver.


While it’s true that if the law enforcement officer and suspect are of similar levels of driving skill it’s the hotter car that will determine the outcome, rarely is that the situation. Instead, in most chases the police have better high-speed skills, which is why so many suspects either wreck out or get pitted.

Most police cars aren’t the hottest things on the road and yet we’ve seen officers chase down some pretty impressive rides just by outdriving the fleeing suspect. In this case, whoever is behind the wheel of this Kia obviously knows what he’s doing and so completely embarrasses the pursuing trooper.

People can debate just how fast these K5s are but the reality is they come in a range from 180 to 290-horsepower. Then there’s gearing, weight, and other factors which affect acceleration. But those aren’t the only things at play in this scenario since this isn’t a drag strip but a public road with imperfections and other traffic.

This suspect knows how to use that traffic against the trooper. ASP trains its troopers quite well, so to use that element to slow the trooper down takes some real skill. This is why it’s not just about the vehicle but the driver in these chases. And this driver skunked an Arkansas trooper – check it out for yourself.

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