Drake Flashes His New Truck Built For The Apocalypse

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Drake Flashes His New Truck Built For The Apocalypse
Drake Flashes His New Truck Built For The Apocalypse

Rap superstar Drake has moved to Texas and rapidly adapted to the different lifestyle there, including getting a new truck suited for the end of the world. He posed with the monstrosity in front of his ranch house, posting other images of the property on social media recently.

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Built by Apocalypse Manufacturing, the Super Truck is based on a Ram TRX but with both cosmetic and performance enhancements. The Florida tuning shop has become quite popular with celebrities in the past few years as they seek unique vehicles which look rugged and fun.


Posing with his Apocalypse Super Truck in front of his new house, Drake has quite the beast with the supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi Hellcat V8 engine tuned to produce 850-horsepower, making it so little will stand in the pickup’s way.

Adding to the rugged nature of the beast are locking differentials, Dana 60 axles, 22-inch wheels with 40-inch tires, and five selectable terrain modes. This is a truck you can use to roll through just about anywhere.

Just as important, the tonneau cover over the bed locks when it rolls in place, making for a massive secure storage area. That means Drake can load up his supplies to survive the last days, then cover and lock it up all with the touch of a single button.

Of course, the most captivating thing about this truck is the wild, aggressive exterior design. It looks like something ready to take on the world or help lead an uprising in some third world country. All those custom fabricated body panels also make Apocalypse’s creation incredibly unique.

Even though the Super Truck has a touch exterior, the interior couches everyone in luxury, which seems appropriate for Drake and his crew. Custom marine-grade leather, hand stitching, a Harmon Kardon sound system, and more treat everyone to a luxurious experience even if the world outside is burning.

We hope Drake enjoys his new truck, ranch, and lifestyle.

Images via champagnepapi/Instagram