Extreme H Series Unveils Its First Hydrogen-Powered Race Car in London

extreme h pioneer 25 2024 london
Extreme H Launches First Hydrogen-Powered Race CarExtreme H
  • Extreme H is a FIA-supported off-road racing series designed to showcase hydrogen technology in high=performance race cars.

  • The new racing series debuts in 2025 and will replace the current Extreme E series that features all-electric powered SUVs.

  • Organizers have scheduled the first public test of the Pioneer 25 as part of the Extreme E Hydro X Prix in Scotland, July 13-14.

Alejandro Agag's lastest master stroke of racing and sustainability is now the FIA's newest racing series.

From the minds that created the Formula E all-electric open-wheel series and the Extreme E all-electric SUV racing series now comes Extreme H. The newest racing series with a broader goal of proving the viability of hydrogen-powered cars in a high-performance racing series launched the first hydrogen-powered race car today in London.


The launch was held aboard the official series support ship St. Helena, which travels to all Extreme E events.

In 2025, Extreme H will replace Extreme E.

Today's launch is the culmination of an idea for a hydrogen-powered race car and series that was first announced in August of 2023. The idea was championed by Agag, who also co-founded Formula E and Extreme E.

agag alejandro with ben sulayem mohammed uae, president of the fia, portrait, during the 2023 formula 1 qatar airways hungarian grand prix, 11th round of the 2023 formula one world championship from july 21 to 23, 2023 on the hungaroring, in mogyorod, hungary photo florent gooden dppi
Alejandro Agag and FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem hepled usher in the Extreme H era today in London.Florent Gooden

Said Agag:

“The launch of Extreme H marks an evolution of our championship, but there is so much from the years of learning and successes we have had so far which will carry over into our hydrogen future. Our series is going to improve, but the elements which work will remain the same.

“We will continue to pioneer gender equality, leading the way with our equal male and female driver gender format. We have shown that the increased opportunities for women drivers to display their racing talent through our championship is unprecedented. Our sporting format has been tweaked a lot since we first launched, but now we have a formula which works and makes for hugely exciting racing. Our races allow us to engineer the car in a different way, which optimizes hydrogen, and delivers a great sporting product.

“As a natural evolution of our mission to showcase cutting-edge climate technology, this shift symbolizes a new chapter, and it’s a testament to the championship’s success in advancing e-mobility and extreme motorsport, marking a clear evolution and ensuring pioneering solutions in e-mobility is at the core of our championship long-term. As a series we have always remained open-minded to opportunities, and transforming our series to accelerate the development of hydrogen as a solution for future mobility is a bold step, but one which we, the teams, the drivers and our partners are hugely energized by.”

The Extreme H car—the Pioneer 25—is the product of Spark Racing Technology and equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell from Symbio, Extreme H’s fuel cell provider.

The technology under the hood of the Pioneer 25 includes a 75 kw hydrogen fuel cell that replaces the battery as the principal energy source. The hydrogen fuel cell powers the battery pack that is produced and will be supported trackside by Fortescue ZERO.

extreme h pioneer 25
The Pioneer 25 boasts a number of unique specifications.Extreme H

According to Extreme H organizers, the Pioneer 25’s peak 400 kw (550 hp) output is capable of firing the 2200 kilogram, 2.4 meter-wide race car from 0-100 kph in 4.5 seconds and scale gradients of up to 130%.

While much of the hydrogen-powered machine will be stock in terms of parts and technology, the individual teams will be able to redesign front and rear bodywork to replicate the look of showroom models offered by the manufacturers involved in the series.

Teams involved in the Extreme H are come from around the globe. Team owners in the series include many current and former races, such as Carlos Sainz, Formula 1 champion Jenson Button and seven-time NASCAR Cup champion Jimmie Johnson.

"This is a forward-thinking championship and the evolution to hydrogen and Extreme H is so innovative," Johnson said. "From a technical standpoint, the changeover to hydrogen in 2025 is really intriguing and the entire motorsports community is watching closely, and we are really looking forward to being a part of it.”

Organizers have scheduled the first public test of the Pioneer 25 as part of the Extreme E Hydro X Prix in Scotland, July 13-14.