Florida Trooper Tangles With Big Altima Energy

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Florida Trooper Tangles With Big Altima Energy
Florida Trooper Tangles With Big Altima Energy

There’s something different about Nissan Altimas and the people who drive them. That’s why the phrase “Big Altima Energy” exists. We’ve all seen and maybe even know these people who drive their ho-hum sedan like it’s a Corvette even though it’s peeling like a redhead that’s been in the sun too long.

Suspect tries hiding in a Walmart parking lot during a police chase.

When you mix that energy with Florida Highway Patrol, it results in something that can be downright explosive. That’s what we have with this police chase video with a pursuit that goes through two counties, Hernando and Pasco, before ultimately finishing dramatically.


The chase starts in a familiar way with the trooper noticing lane changes without signaling coupled with speeding. As he gets a little closer, the suspect drops the hammer and starts pushing the Nissan to well over 100 mph.

Consistent with Big Altima Energy, the driver brake checks the trooper, then accelerates and weaves among the lanes. Did he know this guy was a cop? We’ve had Altimas do similar things randomly, so perhaps not.

Afterward, it becomes just a sprint along the two-lane highway in the darkness. Can the trooper not catch up to the Altima? Is he just waiting for the suspect to do something dumb, then pounce?

The suspect does do something, swerving around in a construction zone. As the trooper gets even with the Altima, the suspect cuts across the median and the passenger tucks and rolls out of the sedan.

That buys the guy some time, which he capitalizes on while driving in the oncoming lanes of traffic. However, troopers close the gap in the other lanes but the suspect continues fleeing unopposed.

Ultimately, this guy’s undoing was a gas station after the driver couldn’t stick a left turn. The Altima barreled into a gas station, ending the chase and beginning a foot pursuit.

Apparently, the driver ran because of drugs in the car and he was intoxicated. Ultimately, the front passenger was seriously injured, showing Big Altima Energy does come at a price.

Images via Scooper/YouTube

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