Driver Manages To Flip Tesla Cybertruck, No Self-Driving Needed

Photo: Vicksburg Daily News / Facebook
Photo: Vicksburg Daily News / Facebook

A driver in Mississippi put a Tesla Cybertruck on its roof in a single-car crash. While the circumstances around the incident are vague, the driver probably caused the crash all by themselves, as the EV hasn’t had its automated driving features activated yet. We’ve all been so worried about how Tesla’s Cybertruck could injure, maim or kill us that we didn’t stop to consider all the ways we could write off this electric pickup.

The crash sent one person to the hospital with minor injuries, according to the Vicksburg Daily News. The Cybertruck somehow went across the double-yellow line on a four-lane road and veered up an embankment, flipping over on its roof. There were four people inside. During their call to emergency services, they believed they were trapped inside but managed to escape the sharply angled confines before first responders arrived at the scene. It’s unclear if the person injured was the driver, but my ego would be bruised if I was the one behind the wheel.

The Cybertruck has shown that it can unexpectedly accelerate on its own in another recent incident where one owner held the brakes to the floor as his truck shot up a hill and into his neighbor’s home. The electric pickup was also the subject of a recall where the pad on the throttle pedal would slip up and become pinned in the footwell. That defect was caused by soap leftover from the assembly process. However, neither issue with the throttle seems to be at play in this Mississippi crash.

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