Florida Woman In Stolen Car Jumps Off Bridge To Escape Police

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Florida Woman In Stolen Car Jumps Off Bridge To Escape Police
Florida Woman In Stolen Car Jumps Off Bridge To Escape Police

A woman led police in the area of Doral, Florida on a high-speed chase in a stolen Honda Civic before jumping out of the car and off a bridge. She landed in a lake below, like something out of a movie, only this was reality.

Widow claims Google Maps led to late husband’s death on a collapsed bridge.

The chaotic aftermath with plenty of cop cars shutting down that section of the bridge as officers look on at someone doggy paddling in the waters below. The woman didn’t appear to be an Olympic swimmer, which might have been the only way to really escape using this weird method.


Since this is in Florida, we have to wonder if the woman considered alligators before jumping in the lake. We’re certainly not experts, but have been told by Floridians they just assume alligators are in any given body of water at any time.

Considering what little we know about the events leading up to the bridge jumping incident, it’s apparent this woman doesn’t think things through. WPLG says the Civic she was driving didn’t have any tags at all.

Most criminals at least steal a license plate or even make their own temporary paper tag. Yeah, it might not fool the plate readers, but at least they make an attempt. This lady just decided to roll around with nothing on the stolen car. Amazing.

As the woman tried swimming pathetically in the lake, you can see in the footage officers throw floats out to her. They probably realize she’s going to drown. Why would you jump into a lake to ditch the cops when you’re not a good swimmer?

Eventually, she swims back over to the bridge and police pull her out of the water.

We’ve seen other criminals try jumping off bridges or into bodies of water to escape law enforcement. It usually doesn’t turn out well for the criminals. Sometimes they even drown or break their legs. We somehow think just getting arrested instead of going through all that pain and then being arrested would be better.

But car thieves and the like aren’t known for making good life decisions.

Image via WPLG Local 10/YouTube

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