Genesis Neolun EV Concept Is a Full-Size Luxury SUV With Coach Doors

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Genesis Reveals Full-Size SUV Neolun EV Concept Aaron Brown

Genesis uncovered the Neolun Concept, its first full-size electric SUV, at its “House” in New York on Monday. The automaker says the concept will become a production vehicle – clues point toward a three-row model, potentially named GV90 – “sooner than later.”

Super futuristic and ultra-focused on luxury, the Neolun’s design was inspired by Korea’s traditional moon-shaped porcelain jars. The name of the concept itself breaks down into two Greek-derived words meaning “new” and “moon.” Streamlined and sleek, the Neolun Concept is devoid of B-pillars, employing high-end coach doors instead. Interestingly, Genesis hints the coach doors could even make it to production.

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On the outside, power side steps automatically appear when the doors are opened, and they fold back into the vehicle when the doors close. Horizontal taillights bisect the rear with clean lines. The grille echoes previous concept cars Genesis has built, using more LED lighting and less detail than its gas-powered vehicles. This concept is finished in colors that evoke the Korean night sky in a two-tone scheme using Midnight Black and Majestic Blue.


The real show is inside. Once the coach doors are flung open, the first thing you’ll notice is the opulent, quilted seating. Front-row seats swivel around to face the rear, creating a setup like an old-fashioned railroad car, and a flexible screen unfolds from the rear-seat headliner. Above the dash, a massive adjustable touchscreen holds court above a short row of buttons. The center of its squircle-shaped steering wheel features the Genesis logo pushed toward the front of the car, giving the side spokes a floating appearance.

the interior of a car

Music fans will appreciate the high-tech sound architecture, with speakers scattered strategically throughout the car. The brand's unique rotating sphere turns into a tweeter when the speakers are activated, adding to the entertainment. Genesis engineers drew on its home country experience by integrating a radiant heating system inspired by Korea’s “ondol” traditional underfloor heating.

Speaking of the floor, Genesis used real wood for a living room-like feel. Purple leather combined with cashmere really sends the interior over the top, like a custom Rolls-Royce Cullinan. This brand is shooting for the stars with the Neolun Concept, and we're here for it. Especially if the coach doors make it to production.

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