Gordon Murray T.33 S Variant Will Be Track-Focused Machine With More Aero

gordon murray automotive t33 spider
Gordon Murray T.33 S Variant Will Be Track-FocusedGordon Murray Automotive

McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray is on a roll right now. The T.50, the first car from his brand Gordon Murray Automotive, just entered production, and the two variants of his next car, the T.33, are sold out. There's a third version of the T.33 on the way, Murray told Road & Track, and it'll be meant for those who want to take their cars to the track.

Dubbed the T.33 S, the latest Gordon Murray car will add a tinge of sharpness to the T.33 coupe in the interest of outright performance.

"There's enough people out there that want to take [the T.33] to a track or just want the car a little bit more focused," Murray said during a recent interview at Laguna Seca during Monterey Car Week. "So [the S] will be sharper, with more downforce."


Murray didn't go into specifics, but said much of the car's dynamics, including the steering, drivetrain, braking, and suspension will be honed for the occasional circuit visit. "It will probably have a fixed wing, for example," he said.

The T.33 S will retain the 4.0-liter V-12 and six-speed manual transmission found in the standard car, though it's unclear at this time whether it'll make the same 607 hp as it does in the coupe and convertible models. One thing's for sure: It'll be able to rev well past 10,000 rpm. That's what matters.

Murray said his company will never produce more than 100 examples of each model, and that'll be true for the T.33 S. But he suspects he'll only sell about 50 examples. As with past models, he'll lean on buyer feedback to plan and adjust for demand.

"We'll ask customers, actually," Murray said. "We'll see how many people are interested."

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