Grandma Pulls A Gun On A Cop

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Grandma Pulls A Gun On A Cop
Grandma Pulls A Gun On A Cop

The next time you’re stopped by a police officer on the side of the road, keep in mind they might be more nervous than you are. That might sound weird, but traffic stops are one of the more dangerous things cops do. Plenty of them are shot or otherwise attacked during these encounters and they never know who’s dangerous and who isn’t.

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You might think a little old lady with white hair driving a Honda Accord would be harmless, but that’s not always the case. This lady was pulled over by a Minnesota trooper after she pulled into a lane that was closed off for road construction. Soon, the benign traffic stop would escalate into a near shooting.


When a police officer pulls you over for a traffic violation you might not be immediately under arrest but you are legally detained. That means you can’t just drive away and you have to answer certain questions and produce documents like your license, registration, and insurance information.

If a cop tells you to step out of the vehicle, you also have to comply. And if they tell you to stay out of the vehicle the best thing to do is comply. This lady doesn’t like that one bit and after getting back into her Accord, while the trooper is trying to pull her out, she produces a handgun and points it right at the cop. That’s a good way to get shot and she’s lucky that wasn’t the outcome.

Later, it was discovered the gun was in fact fake. It was actually made out of duct tape and aluminum foil, which is hilarious but in the heat of the moment a cop can’t afford to assume something that looks realistic isn’t actually a gun.

It turns out this sweet little grandma had a warrant and probably knew it. Most of the time when we see people get combative like this during a traffic stop it’s either that or they have something illegal on them.

Thankfully, this grandma was arrested without incident. She ditcher her car and was hanging onto the outside of a pedestrian bridge while holding onto a bottle of tequila. As Homer Simpson said, alcohol is the cause and solution to all of society’s problems, which is probably why it features so heavily in many of these crazy traffic stop videos.

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