This Grenadier Pickup Will Be a Little Different—But Highly Versatile

a white truck parked in a forest
This Grenadier Pickup Will Be a Little DifferentIneos
  • Ineos reveals chassis cab version of the Grenadier Quartermaster pickup, intended for customizers and commercial users.

  • The chassis cab version features the same longer wheelbase as the Grenadier Quartermaster and will start at $67,650 in the UK.

  • The Grenadier Quartermaster pickup itself is still slated to launch stateside in 2024, after production began in Hambach, France, in late 2023.

The Ineos Grenadier may seem like it was intended to be a luxury SUV at times, which is what happened to its main sources of inspiration: the Land Rover Defender and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. (Especially the G-Class.)


But Ineos has been keen on keeping the Grenadier well within reach of commercial buyers, even if it's not quite a no-frills model. And this goes for the Grenadier Quartermaster pickup as well.

As promised, the automaker has introduced a chassis cab version of the Quartermaster pickup featuring an identical wheelbase to the Quartermaster, but with an exposed ladder frame.

"The Grenadier's body-on-frame construction already provides huge versatility for customization, and we know from customer configurations that our vehicles are being used equally between commercial and leisure users," said George Ratcliffe, Commercial Director of Ineos Automotive.

In fact, we've already seen a few customizers take a crack at the Grenadier SUV, including a camper version and an emergency rescue vehicle, as well as a model used for mine-clearing operations.

With BMW's 3.0-liter gas or diesel engines underhood paired with eight-speed transmissions from ZF, the chassis cab version should offer customizers even more flexibility.

a white truck parked in a wooded area
The chassis cab version of the Grenadier Quartermaster will go on sale in Europe and a few other markets, but Ineos hasn’t mentioned whether we’ll see it in the US.Ineos

For instance, let's say you own a ghostbusting business and your 1982 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse has already rusted through, because it's old and you're based in a big city where they salt the roads. The Quartermaster chassis cab will certainly be an option while also adding off-road flexibility, which is something the 1980s Cadillac never quite offered.

Now that Ineos has entered this niche, one of its competitors will be a vehicle you may not have thought about for a while: the Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series chassis cab, sold in four-door form in a number of countries.

That's right. The 70-series is still on the menu in a number of important markets including Australia, as well as many countries in Africa, mostly aimed at commercial buyers such as mining companies and farms.

The current 70-Series has also been popular with off-road enthusiasts, which is a crowd the Grenadier has been courting since its debut. But it doesn't get brought up all that often in the States, where Toyota never officially offered it.

Still, we tend to see the Grenadier being more popular as a lifestyle vehicle rather than something aimed at businesses.

"The 'blank canvas' Chassis Cab variant allows even greater versatility, from the basic trayback for agricultural use through recovery and emergency services to tourism, presenting an ideal platform for an overlanding camper," Ratcliffe added.

The Grenadier Quartermaster chassis cab will start at $67,650 in the UK.

As for the US, we're still slated to receive the Quartermaster in pickup form in 2024, but pricing and concrete timing remain unannounced for now.

Will the Grenadier Quartermaster pickup see much success stateside, or will it just have too much competition, including from the Jeep Gladiator? Let us know what you think.