Guy Assaults Michigan Trooper And A Crazy Chase Ensues

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Guy Assaults Michigan Trooper And A Crazy Chase Ensues
Guy Assaults Michigan Trooper And A Crazy Chase Ensues

It’s amazing how many times a simple traffic stop can explode into something violent and a subsequent chase. That’s what happens when a Michigan trooper pulls over a crappy Kia in Niles, Michigan after observing it had a brake light out.

Woman snaps and turns the tables on carjackers.

As you’ll see in the dashcam and bodycam footage, the situation was calm until the trooper ran the driver’s info and it returned with a warrant for his arrest. After the trooper has the guy step out of the Kia he resists arrest, assaults the trooper, pulls a gun on him, then decides to go Fast and Furious in his gerbil mobile.


Obviously, the guy doesn’t have a plan, he just panicked and didn’t want to go back to jail. His little four-banger Korean car can’t outrun cops in Dodge Chargers, but he still gives it the ol’ college try. We haven’t seen one of these Kias driven so aggressively by anyone other than the Kia Boyz.

Push the little compact sedan that hard comes at a steep price as one tire just disintegrates off the wheel. The metal sparks as it grinds against the pavement and the driver struggles to keep the car going straight.

But as the trooper puts it in park as the Kia comes to a stop, the suspect lightly taps his push bar by reversing. He just can’t get going all that fast with one drive wheel missing a tire.

Maybe he already knows he’s going to face several more charges that are worse than his original offense, because the guy just keeps going. He can’t possibly think he’s getting away as he shoots at the trooper while slowly driving away.

Another tire explodes but the guy flogs his Kia like a donkey. Then he sideswipes a stationary police car, disabling the Kia and making it a foot chase as he sprints into the woods, shooting at his pursuers as they return fire. But one trooper drives his cruiser right at the suspect, crashing into tree trunks at speed, just like something out of the movies.

The suspect, 32-year-old Joshua Ringle, was found dead near the St. Joseph River. He died instead of going back to jail.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube

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