Guy Cuts The Body Off His R35 Nissan GT-R

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And wait until you learn what he’s going to replace it with…

In the past we’ve highlighted the sad, wrecked Nissan GT-Rs and asked what you would do if you purchased one. Well, the guys at B is for Build have come up with a plan for an R35 they picked up and it involves removing what’s left of the mangled body so they can slap an R34donor body onto it. That’s an interesting idea which is so simple and yet so crazywe can’t believe nobody has done this before (or maybe they have?).

See a modified R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R play around in Tokyo here.

Since the Nissan GT-R is a unibody, doing a body swap isn’t as simple as unbolting everything and dropping the new body into place. That’s not really such a simple procedure, but this one is far more complex, or at least it’s way more tedious.

<span>image credit: YouTube</span>
image credit: YouTube

The tools of choice for this job are a reciprocating saw (a completely non-elegant yet quite effective thing) and a cut-off wheel. It’s more like doing a kitchen demo than fixing a car because they’re not really fixing anything, they’re tearing out whatever could be possibly construed as part of the body.


There are plenty of little bits here and there they have to figure out if they should be removed or kept. But one of the unexpected challenges is the area around the fuel filler is crumpled and the gas cap is missing (likely destroyed in the crash) so they’re concerned about throwing sparks down into the gas tank and igniting whatever fuel is left. At the same time, they realize the crash has pushed part of the fuel system into the shock tower, plus one of the rear control arms is a goner. That’s the thing when you buy a salvage vehicle like this, it’s impossible to tell what all will need to be replaced until you start tearing into the thing. So the question is would you take on a project like this?

Check out the video to see the process.

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