Guy Destroys Car As It Gets Repossessed

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Guy Destroys Car As It Gets Repossessed
Guy Destroys Car As It Gets Repossessed

Car repossessions famously can be rather unpredictable. While some people just hand over the keys and admit defeat after they stop paying for a vehicle, others fly into a rage and genuinely believe the ride they don’t technically own is being stolen. Then there’s this car repo video where the guy just destroys the Pontiac Vibe tow truck drivers have been hunting down apparently for quite some time.

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The guy who does grab this long overdue, bank-owned hatchback is incredibly relaxed as he rolls in to get his tow boom in place under the front tires of the little Pontiac. But after he gets the thing in the air, it’s obvious the “owner” is still inside and he’s not going to give up without a fight.


Some people live in their lizard brain. We don’t know if that’s why this guy decides to fight and destroy the car he doesn’t actually own or if there’s something else going on. But we do know that at least in certain states once a tow truck has your wheels in the air and it’s being repossessed, you no longer legally have possession.

That doesn’t stop this man from revving the engine, bouncing it repeatedly off the rev limiter while doing a one-tire burnout on the boom. We never imagined a Pontiac Vibe could smoke as much as this one does – it’s actually rather impressive.

Also amazing is the exhaust literally glowing red hot, exposed for all to see as the passenger front tire explodes and the hatchback lists to that side. It’s probably a godsend this guy didn’t get financed for a Dodge Hellcat or he wouldn’t done some serious damage with that kind of power.

Instead, this guy gets himself detained by the police and loses the car the bank always owned. While it’s sad and frustrating to not be able to afford your vehicle loan, fighting the repo guy only makes things worse. At least the repo guy kept his cool.

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