Hip Hip Hoor(Ye): Honda Unveils Three New EVs for China

honda ye series evs
Honda Unveils Three New Ye Series EVs for China Honda
  • Honda revealed three new EVs as part of its new Ye Series of electric vehicles to be sold in China.

  • The new generation of EVs will launch later this year starting with the new Ye P7 and Ye S7 crossovers.

  • Honda plans to offer the Ye vehicles in two configurations split between one-motor rear-wheel-drive models and two-motor four-wheel-drive models—it's unlikely we'll see either variation in the United States.

Honda, like every other automaker these days, has a goal to achieve carbon neutrality before a stated year. In Honda's case, that year is 2050, and EV sales in China are a big part of achieving that goal. To that end, Honda just revealed three new EVs as part of its new Ye Series of electric vehicles to be sold in China alongside the current e:N models.

The first two models to arrive will be the Ye P7 and Ye S7 crossover. The duo will be built on a newly developed dedicated EV platform. They'll be offered in two motor configurations: single-motor rear-wheel drive, or dual-motor four-wheel drive. According to Honda, both configurations are designed in pursuit of the "joy of driving," but the automaker offered few details beyond that.


In addition to the Ye P7 and Ye S7 crossovers, Honda also pulled back the curtain on the Ye GT Concept, a lower-profile car built on the same platform. According to Honda, the second set of Ye vehicles will be based on the GT Concept and are slated to go on sale by the end of 2025.

honda ye series evs

All three models feature Honda's updated "H" logo to designate them as part of the brand's next generation of electric vehicles. We don't expect Honda to bring the Ye Series cars to the United States anytime soon, but then, we do have the new Prologue.

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