Homegrown 1965 Mustang War Horse

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Don’t let it fool you…

There are some pretty impressive hand-built vehicles out there that you might not expect to have come from an enthusiast rather than a shop. Showing off this passionate display of dedication is one very recognizable 1965 Ford Mustang. Lets just say, to call this car original would be a disservice to the hard work that went into every little detail of the build process. Clearly this was a car built with love and as the engine roars like a lion for its kill we can also notice the great performance that lies beneath the hood.

Spinning the rear tires of this extremely lightweight vehicle is a powerful 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine which utilizes its low displacement to rev pretty high. In total about 8,000 rpm is the rev limit of this powerhouse which makes the car sound like, as Garage Collective puts it, “like an angry bee,” a fairly accurate description. This also translates to a whopping 550 horsepower to the crankshaft which is seriously high performance when you consider all of the other stuff this Mustang has got going for it.


One of these things include the rear suspension, put together by someone the owner describes as “a suspension mad scientist.” This horizontally mounted independent rear suspension is something to be awed over with a special focus on handling. It's pretty crazy how the car is so stable despite having only 3,300 lbs of weight holding it to the ground. Overall, this is an insane self-built car which confronts everything on the road and track with a beautiful and violent exhaust sound completing the build fully.

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