Infamous Belltown Hellcat Towed From Handicap Spot

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Infamous Belltown Hellcat Towed From Handicap Spot
Infamous Belltown Hellcat Towed From Handicap Spot

The notorious Belltown Hellcat’s owner, Miles Hudson, has been in a series of legal problems lately. In the latest chapter, he reportedly had his rather distinct-looking Mopar muscle car towed for allegedly parking in a handicap spot.

Teens livestreamed their police chase on Instagram.

A Reddit user going by the name Extreme-Wave-7773 claims on r/Seattle that he personally snitched on Hudson’s parking violation, getting the tiger striped Dodge Charger Hellcat towed. Included in the post is a photo which certainly seems to be the Belltown Hellcat backed into a clearly labeled handicap spot.


The post claims this was done at the apartment complex where the user and Hudson both live. If you don’t recall, a judge recently ordered Hudson to not drive the modified Hellcat for a year. We wonder if moving it around in the apartment parking garage counts?

We also wonder how he’s going to transport the muscle car back once he’s able to get it out of the tow yard where it’s being stored.

Originally, people in Seattle were terrorized by the loud exhaust on the so-called Belltown Hellcat as it sped around the Belltown area of the city. It’s been claimed Hudson installed an exhaust system and tuned the engine to backfire more, producing sounds similar to gunshots. That reportedly has caused many in Seattle considerable stress.

He was eventually caught after people tracked down his distinctive tiger striped Hellcat on social media and figured out his true identity. For now, that has only resulted in the order to keep the Hellcat parked. More consequences are likely coming.

Adding to Hudson’s legal problems, he was recently sued by the city of Seattle. He’s facing a $1,300 fine per day his muscle car isn’t in compliance with city code, with the clock starting on April 15.

Hudson’s legal case is one we think is rather interesting. While we’re not fans of his antics, there’s also the risk of it setting a precedent of aggressive behavior toward enthusiasts, something we’ve seen before.

We hate to think annoying people like Hudson can damage the car hobby severely, but that’s the reality. The rest of us need to work to prove we’re not cut of the same cloth and so shouldn’t be dealt with harshly.

Image via Extreme-Wave-7773/Reddit

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