Jeep Wagoneer Wrecks Big In Los Angeles

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Jeep Wagoneer Wrecks Big In Los Angeles
Jeep Wagoneer Wrecks Big In Los Angeles

Shocking surveillance footage shows the moment a Jeep Wagoneer carrying several people went airborne and landed on two cars in a driveway before rolling onto a lawn. Three people were killed, and first responders found one victim flung from the SUV onto the roof of the house.

The famous Widowmaker tree keeps claiming lives.

It happened in Monterey Park, California at about midnight on Saturday. Police say there were five people inside the Jeep, so over half didn’t survive the violent crash. It’s always a sad situation to see accidents like this.

Fox 11 mentions the Wagoneer was going uphill at the time of the crash, but no mention of speed or other factors were made. We’re sure the investigation will be ongoing for some time, so police aren’t divulging many details.


Whether it was speed, intoxication, or something else, we know accidents like these are preventable. People are out enjoying the summer and that sometimes leads to careless actions. With people flung from the Jeep, that indicates not everyone was wearing a seatbelt, a clear sign that caution wasn’t being exercised.

When people get careless while driving, serious accidents are inevitable.

The fact the vehicle went airborne is curious. Usually that means speed was a factor, but we’re not familiar with the street and so it would be impossible to say for sure. With the higher center of gravity on SUVs, speeding and the sudden maneuvers which come with it can absolutely lead to rollovers.

Everyone needs to remember even as they’re having fun this summer, there’s no reason to act completely stupid while driving or riding in a car. Wear your seatbelt, drive the speed limit. Stay aware of your surroundings and actually make it home instead of arriving at the morgue.

Image via Fox 11 Los Angeles/YouTube

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