New Jersey JDM Collector Allegedly Catches Local Fire Chief Vandalizing His Ultra-Rare Nissan

a black car on a road
Ultra Rare Nismo 270R Allegedly Vandalized in NJNissan

After a dispute with the adjacent volunteer fire station over a leaking sump pump, the fire chief of Piscataway's volunteer fire department allegedly vandalized JDM car collector Mark Bahna's 1994 Nissan Nismo 270R, according to CBS News.

CCTV video shows the fire chief pouring multiple buckets of rocks, mud, and rain water onto the rare car. Only 30 units of the S14-based, factory-tuned coupe were made by Nismo. The 270R might look at first glance like a regular 240SX but is one of the rarest JDM classics ever produced.

Police told CBS News that the fire chief was charged with 3rd degree criminal mischief and released on a summons complaint. Bahna said the damage to the ultra-rare model consists of dents and paint scratches, but it's the principle that hurts more.

a black car on a road

Bahna says the 270R was parked on his property and he has hired an attorney, Mark Speed, in an effort to settle this clash. "We've reached out in writing to the parties involved. At this point we're waiting for a response," Speed told CBS News.


Following the release of the S14 generation 240sx, Nissan wanted to show that it was in touch with the tuning culture that was quickly enveloping its performance lineup. To do so, Nissan tasked its Motorsports International division, Nismo, with pumping up the 240sx with visual and mechanical upgrades.

With an increased compression SR20DET engine under the center vented hood, Nissan was able to bring the horsepower figure up to 270 with help from a hotter set of cams, an upgraded fuel pump and injectors, plus a reprogrammed ECU tune. To get all this power to the ground, Nissan fitted a heavy duty Nismo clutch and 2-way limited slip differential to 270R as well.

These days we know the 240sx chassis for being a near default drift car, but Nissan wanted the 270R to be a track capable machine, fitting it with upgraded shocks and springs, stronger control arms, and firmer suspension bushings. All 30 units of the 270R came in KH3 Black paint with Nismo body graphics to boot.

Bahna claims that his 270R example (which he claims was once driven by Keiichi Tschuiya) is one of two in the U.S., with documents of another unit being imported and refurbished by Kaiser Kars in Southern California back in 2022. A glance at Bahna's instagram shows a true love for JDM vehicles, with his collection including a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV in Marlboro colors and a Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V Spec II Nur.

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