Kia EV9

kia ev9 review 2023001 action
kia ev9 review 2023001 action

When Kia launched the Stinger, we called it Kia’s 3 Series. Although it was never quite at the level of the Bavarian juggernaut and sales success did not materialise, it was in the conversation and was a huge show of confidence and ambition.

When Kia revealed the Kia EV9, we called it Kia’s Land Rover Discovery. Yet now people are already trading in their Land Rovers - and Audi Q7s and even Porsche Cayennes - to get their hands on the new large electric car even without having driven one.

They don’t need to wait too much longer, as UK EV9 deliveries will start in January. We’ve driven an early Korean-spec single-motor EV9 on Korean roads and now a dual-motor version in Denmark. Six-seat and seven-seat versions will be offered.

Additional driving impressions by Steve Cropley