This Kid's Incredible Wooden EV Puts Your Cozy Coupe To Shame

I’ll take this as my daily driver, please. - Gif: ND - Woodworking Art via YouTube
I’ll take this as my daily driver, please. - Gif: ND - Woodworking Art via YouTube

Have you ever looked into your kid’s eyes and wanted nothing but the best for them? If you have, then you might understand this dad’s plight to create the most bonkers toy car ever conceived.

The video in question was uploaded by YouTuber ND - Woodworking Art, who has a history building some impressive electric cars out of wood - including a Cybertruck mockup and even a wooden Rolls-Royce. For their latest creation, they turned to their imagination for inspiration instead of the real world.

The build starts with a strange choreographed rejection scene that’s meant to show why the car was built, I guess. Once that’s out the way, though, the video of the build starts with the construction of a metal frame. This is welded together and provides a base for all the important components like the motor, steering and batteries. After this, it’s over to the channel’s medium of choice: wood.


The first components to be carved out are the enormous wheels. The front set is milled from two massive chunks of wood and comes with a slick clockwork design at its heart and a tread pattern that’s probably not DOT approved. The rear wheels are even more outlandish, but are purely decorative as there’s a set of secret powered wheels under the bodywork. Even so, these are impressive and tower at about head-height on their builder. These are also made from solid wood, and swirl inwards on themselves to encapsulate the driver and their passengers.

With the essentials in place, it’s time to fabricate the car and make it look awesome, which ND - Woodworking Art manages in style. The bodywork was reportedly inspired by artificial intelligence, reports Autoevolution, with the designer drawing inspiration from AI tech and sculptor Theo Jensen’s slightly terrifying Strandbeest creation.

As such, the wooden car is absolutely covered in clockwork mechanisms. There are legs on the front that are made to look like they’re dragging the machine along, and all manner of cogs and gears cover the nose and rear of the car.

There are further wooden flourishes inside, with a bespoke steering wheel being carved from wood to provide the steering input and wooden seats inside offering space for its creator and their two kids to ride in style.

If you don’t quite have the time to recreate a machine like this for your kids, why not check out The Little Car Company and it’s child-friendly runarounds? Or, if that’s a bit over budget, take this dad’s approach at redesigning their kid’s Jeep.

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