Koenigsegg to Replace Burned Jesko; Fire Traced to Hydraulic Leak

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Koenigsegg to Replace Burned Jesko; Fire Traced to Hydraulic Leak
Koenigsegg to Replace Burned Jesko; Fire Traced to Hydraulic Leak

Last month, a Koenigsegg Jesko hypercar caught fire and was completely destroyed in Greece. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. On Tuesday, the Swedish hypercar manufacturer announced that it had traced the cause of the fire to a hydraulic leak and will replace the owner's car free of charge.

In a statement posted to Instagram, CEO Christian von Koenigsegg explained, "The fuel tank, engine oil, and gearbox oil system were still intact in the vehicle after the fire was put out, and they were not compromised or affected by the fire, nor the source of fire." He continued, "However, there was a streak of hydraulic fluid behind the car on the road. Given this, we have investigated the pressurized hydraulic system, which is the only system that contains this fluid. When looking closely at the car, we also found that a pressurized hydraulic hose was compromised at the rear of the car. This in combination with the streak of hydraulic fluid on the road clearly indicates that this was the cause of the fire."


Following the incident, Koenigsegg immediately requested Jesko owners to park their cars and refrain from driving them. To address the issue, the company plans to inspect the hydraulic lines on all Jesko vehicles that have been delivered and those currently in production. Additionally, Koenigsegg is aiming to release a software update next week that will automatically shut down the hydraulic system if the car detects a leak.

This proactive approach underscores Koenigsegg's commitment to customer safety and satisfaction. The company is taking swift measures to ensure that the hydraulic system flaw is rectified across all Jesko models, providing peace of mind to their owners and preserving the brand's reputation for cutting-edge performance and reliability.

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